Why to Visit Your Dentist Regularly?

Written by bfcdental on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 2:28 AM

If your tooth has become infected by bacteria or is decaying due to your sweet tooth habits, believe me when I mention that it’s not going to stop on its own! You would have to take certain measures to get it stopped from further decaying. When you visit your dentist’s office complaining about a cavity in your tooth, your dentist will always make sure to assess all the conditions to determine whether dental foiling is going to work or not.
A dental infection or condition that has become severe can no longer be restored by the traditional ways of treatment. Hence, to avoid such circumstances, the regular dental visits are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums as your regular dentist can give you innumerable benefits when it comes to the heath and hygiene of your mouth.
Not only will these acclaimed dentists in Bangkok help you fight gum-diseases but also help you in brightening up your smile with their effective dental cleaning tools. Most of us aren’t aware of the hazards of ignoring the gum disease advancements in our mouth, which ultimately leads to the loss of our teeth. Regular visits to your dentist will greatly reduce any such chances and will also enable you to show your pearly whites every time you smile(the regular polishing always works!).

Why to Go or Root Canal Treatment?

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Has your dentist recently told that you need to go through root canal treatment and you’re feeling apprehensive about it? Well don’t worry; you’re not the only one stuck in this dilemma. Every year, millions of teeth are treated and saved with this treatment in Bangkok and every teeth owner feels the same before going through the ‘endodontic’ or the root canal treatment.
The dentists have good enough reasons to ask their patients to go through the root canal treatment and you should better not try to delay the process because it can eventually lead to unbearable pain and can also result in eventually losing your teeth. If your tooth is infected and dying, the root canal will stop the infection from spreading and damaging your tooth further.
Even though the outer layer of teeth is hard, the inner pulp of the tooth (the soft tissue which lies between the white enamel and a hard layer-dentin) is made of soft, living tissues. If this soft tissue (pulp) becomes infected through deep decay or cracks in the tooth surface; it can start dying and if it’s happening with your teeth, the root canal treatment becomes an impertinent need to stop the excruciating pain, control the decaying infection and to keep it from spreading.

Maintaining a Good Oral Hygiene: Things to know

Written by bfcdental on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 2:25 AM

We all need to practice a good oral hygiene in order to keep our teeth healthy and functioning. Here are the few important things to know about the oral health.
Plaque is nothing but accumulated bacteria that causes cavities and gingivitis leading to gum diseases. Many of the food that we eat can cause bacteria to release acids that get accumulated in the form of a sticky material. Sugary foods are the main causes of Plaque; hence, it is advised to always brush the teeth after consuming sugary foods. Plaque can lead to the gum diseases which eventually can destroy teeth.
Preventing Plaque
The best way to restrain plaque from destroying your teeth is by brushing properly. A soft-bristled brush can be used twice per day to clean the teeth. An antimicrobial toothpaste containing Fluoride should be used to prevent the decay.
Brushing and Flossing tips
There is a proper way of brushing your teeth recommended by the dentists. The brush has to be kept at a 45-degree angle against the gums and brush should be moved back and forth in short strokes. You should also brush your tongue daily to remove the bacteria and freshen up your breath.
While flossing use the gentle rubbing motion and hold the floss tightly. Clean the sides of the teeth gently using up and down motion.

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How to Choose a Dental Hospital?

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A dental emergency can strike uninvited. You need to be prepared and a reliable dental hospital should be in your phonebook contacts in such a case. There are certain things worth considering before choosing a dentist or a dental hospital. Some of the considerations are listed below

•You need to know well in advance if a dentist accepts your insurance or other modes of the payments such as credit cards, debit cards. You can also get the estimates from your dentists for the treatment to be done. You need to have an idea what a dental hospital can charge for regular fillings, crown dentures or implants.

•You should never compromise on the quality of your treatment for costs. You should not settle for a mediocre dentist just because he happens to practice in the proximity of your home.

•Make sure dental office remains open on the days you intend to take an appointment

•There should be a level of comfort between a doctor and the patient. Personal comfort could be another factor in choosing a dental hospital

•You must enquire about the qualifications of the doctor and his training. Always go to an experienced doctor. A reputed hospital will always list the qualifications of its doctors on the website or at the hospital.

•Most dental hospitals will have websites where their licenses are listed. You can contact state licensing boards to know whether the license is verified or not.