Mark An Impression with Dental Implant Therapy

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Dental Implant Therapy is a gift for them who face difficulty to speak, smile & chew comfortably due to missing tooth.

What is the dental implant & implant process? What are the common causes of tooth loss & why dental implant treatment is good for replacing teeth? So many questions strike in your mind when someone suggests you for implant treatment. This infographic below describes each & every thing about dental implants.


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Dental Implant : A Way To Keep Smile On Your Face!

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Smile is the best part of your face but if your tooth is missing or half broken, it can  spoil your overall appearance. It is necessary to keep your teeth healthy, so one must go for regular dental checkups. Most of the people ignore their tooth problems which is not at all good as this also the part of your body, So better to eradicate the problem from the root in the initial stage than final stage which costs more.

Dental Implant is a substitute of your missing teeth can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures.  People who want to know the procedure of dental implant before going through this treatment they can watch this video which describes the steps of dental implants:

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Dental Implant- Know it Before You Get it

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Whenever there is tooth loss, generally the victim has three options. He or she may either go for dentures or get bridges or get a dental implant treatment. What is an implant? An implant is typically an artificial tooth that is fixed onto the jawbone in the way a natural tooth would be. Once it is fitted, an abutment (also called an extension) is placed over the top following an artificial crown that is fixed over it. Dental implant is a popular technique used by specialist dentists that is less painful than other traditional dental procedures and assures a permanent tooth replacement solution.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Look and feel like real teeth – The biggest benefit of dental implants is that these look and feel like your natural teeth. Once you get an implant treatment, no one will ever know that your teeth are artificial.

Improve your confidence - Dental implants help you to improve your level of confidence to a great extent. You can chew, speak and smile without any hassle. The secure, non-removable, long-lasting implants provide you freedom from the irksome issues associated with dentures as well.

So, why to worry about losing your teeth when you can get the most advanced and permanent teeth replacement solution now? Contact a recognized online dental clinic now!

Is Tooth Implant Treatment The Right Choice For You?

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The loss of even a single tooth can cause problems in chewing and mastication. If per chance, the tooth goes missing from the front row of teeth, it impacts the beauty of your smile.

Tooth implant treatments - using conventional or all on 4 technique – are very common now and give you a replacement tooth that looks and functions just like natural teeth. But like other medical treatments, you need to ensure that it is the right remedy for your missing teeth problem.

The good news is that anyone in good general and oral health can go for dental implant surgery. People who are very old and have lost teeth owing to natural process of aging can also get set of healthy and pearly white teeth with this procedure.

Dental implant surgery is not recommended for regular smokers. Smoking affects the flow of blood to bone and tissues around gums and teeth. This in turn hinders the healing of bone where the implant is placed. Failure of the titanium implant to fuse with the bone would result in complete failure of the implant treatment. Smokers need to quit the habit completely at least 15 days before they go for tooth implant treatment.

Some medications that are usually prescribed for osteoporosis can also be a hindrance in the success of tooth implant surgery. When you visit your dentist for a consultation on the treatment, make sure you disclose the names and dosages of medicines that you might be taking.

With dental implants it is simple to get teeth as good as your healthy and natural teeth. To ensure the success of treatment, you simply need to go for it in good general health.

Dental Veneers: A Solution to Numerous Dental Problems

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Dental patients face many problems due to the poor and unhealthy conditions of their teeth and always look for a better dental solution to overcome all of them successfully.
In the cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers play an important role in making existing teeth look beautiful and attractive. These are custom-made shells of tooth-coloured materials that are used to improve the outlook of discolured or fractured teeth and protect the surfaces of damaged teeth.
Composite and dental porecelain are two main types of dental materials that are used to manufacture veneers. Improved dental cement and bonding agents make veneers long lasting and durable for at least up to 10–30 years. Being removable, veneers can be replaced any time by dentists. There a lot of benefits of fixing dental veneers to teeth. They are used to fix:

  • Teeth that do not have a white or natural colour
  • Teeth that are cracked or broken
  • Teeth that are worn down
  • Teeth that are small in size
  • Teeth that need to improve their aesthetics
  • Teeth with gaps
  • Teeth that have uneven shape

Dental patients suffering from the problems mentioned above can make a difference to their dental health by fixing veneers to their teeth.

Know Some Facts about Dental Implants

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Here is a list of some special facts on dental or tooth implants:
  • A dental implant is an artificial or false tooth root replacement used in prosthetic or cosmetic dentistry.
  • It is like an alternative or a substitute to a missed or lost tooth and teeth.
  • Fixation of a good implant assists people maintain the stability of their mouth bones, improve their dental aesthetics, reduce their dental prosthesis, improve dental occlusion and enjoy all sorts of food more accurately.
  • Root form or endosteal, subperiosteal dental implant, plate form and denture support are four common types of teeth implants that are used by all dentists to diagnose the common or severe dental problems of missing teeth.
  • The surgery method and dual surgery method is used to fix a subperiosteal dental implant on the jaw.
  • An endosteal dental implant is one of the most widely popular forms of dental implants preferred by dentists through dental aesthetic process.
  • An endosteal dental implant is ideal for the dental patients who don’t have a jawbone of adequate width and height.
  • A tooth implant is generally made of titanium and is used in dentistry to solve the problem of missing tooth or teeth.

Advantages of Affixing Dental Implants

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It is quite clear that a dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement used in prosthetic dentistry. A customized and well prepared implant is the best solution for filling the gap of missing tooth or teeth so that dental patients can make a difference to their oral health effectively. When affixed on jaw bones, implants help people solve their various dental problems confidently. There are a lot of advantages of affixing implants that dental patients can gain. Some of them are:

  • Bone maintenance
  • Restoration and maintenance of occlusal vertical dimension
  • Maintenance of facial and oral aesthetics
  • Aesthetics improvement and development
  • Improved sound and accent
  • Improved occlusion
  • Improvement of regaining of oral propioception
  • Increased success for artificial teeth
  • Improved masticatory performance
  • Reduction in the size of prosthesis
  • Improved stability and retention of removable denture
  • Increased life times of prosthesis
  • Freedom from adjacent teeth
  • Improved psychological as well as oral health

It is not possible for dental patients to enjoy good oral health without taking services of renowned and established dentists. In Thailand, dental patients can put an end to their ongoing dental problems by reaching to the clinic of a professional and user-friendly dentist.