Top 2 Criterions to Consider While Looking for a Dentist

Written by bfcdental on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 11:25 PM

The pillar of dentistry stands on trust, appreciation and ownership between the doctor and the patient. If a dentist is lacking in any of these qualities, the chances are really high that patients will avoid going to him. Hence, make sure to include these 2 criterion while looking for a dentist in Bangkok:

1. Check if your dentist spends his/her time to know about your requirements or not? Do you share a bond of mental trust with your dentist and are comfortable enough to share your problems in detail?
As, it’s a two-way path; make sure that you make it a point to visit your dentist on a regular basis rather than visiting him at the last moment with plaque all over your teeth.

2. You would have never thought about it but a healthy mouth leads to a healthy heart as we all know that your mouth is a direct tunnel to your blood system.
You’ll be really surprised to know that gum infections in your mouth can eventually create problems for your heart and this is the reasons that it’s always recommended to visit your dentist and get his approval before going for any major heart surgery.

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