How to Lower Down the Anxiety of Your Kids While Visiting Dental Clinic?

Written by bfcdental on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 11:28 PM

We all know how important it is for our kids to visit a dentist’s office to maintain the good health of their teeth and mouth. However, the only and the biggest problem in this endeavor is that our kids aren’t very fond of their visits to dentists due to many reasons - whether it’s the fear of sitting in a chair with their open mouths, a room filled with different sharp objects or the fear of someone poking their mouths with unusual instruments.

These 2 strategies will really help you to get your child overcome the fear of visiting dentists in Thailand and make it a more fun and positive experience for them:

Always try to remain closer to your kid while your visit to the dentist. Holding their hands or making them sit on your laps while the check-up, will assure them that you are with them and they will feel lest restless and more safe.

Use the distractions such as TVs, aquariums or other things in the dentist’s office to your benefit to keep your child distracted while the dental procedure is going on. You can also ask the dentist if your kid can use our smart phone or iPad and you can set their favorite games while the dentist does his job.

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