Benefits of Mini Dental Implants Over Implants

Written by bfcdental on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 4:04 AM

The varied teeth restoration options available today have made it difficult to determine the right kind of procedure for each case. It’s very important to review all the long term solutions. You should consult a dentist and do exhaustive research through the Internet to adjudge the pros and cons of a particular dental procedure.
Mini implants are gaining wide popularity today due to its non-cumbersome nature and cost effectiveness over implants.
Some of the cons of MDI are listed below:
  • The procedure does not require very long period of time. They are smaller than regular implants and do not need any flap surgery, however they serve almost same advantages as regular implants.
  • The healing time is curtailed down to days, in comparison to Implants where it can take months for the healing process
  • Implants include a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafts are not required that makes it less expensive
  • Patient does not have to bear the inconvenience of visiting the clinic multiple times. The procedure is completed within hours causing less discomfort to the patient.
  • The failure chances are less. They do not feel awkward and sloppy.
It is advisable to visit a good dental hospital with advanced facilities for MDI procedure so that you do not have to be worried about any sloppiness

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